Our Mission

Drug trial costs are making the development investment in new drugs skyrocket. There is a better way. Medicinal chemists can use chemical modeling software to more accurately select candidates for drug trials. The problem with the existing software--unnecessarily complex user interfaces mean medicinal chemists have to rely upon computational chemists to configure and run their software, so computational chemists end up serving as an IT help desk, rather than working on computations and models themselves.

AtomiCode has two missions: enable computational chemists to focus on their core competency--chemical computations, and medicinal chemists to use powerful modeling software right out of the box. Every action is tracked in a user history so your results and models are repeatable.

Our development philosophy is agile methodology, enabling us to respond rapidly to customer needs.

We are currently surveying and speaking with medicinal and computational chemists to help us construct the right tool for their job. Connect with us and help us build a better molecule trap.

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Rational drug design

Empowering medicinal chemists to effectively model drug interactions, dramatically reducing the need for drug trials and reducing R&D costs.